The Sustainability Club sees itself as a service club for those interested in sustainability. In particular, the club will (1) promote a network between HSG alumni, (2) contact and exchange with members of student sustainability associations as well as a (3) platform for the exchange and development of innovative solutions in the field of sustainability. The club also aims to (4) strengthen its position in the field and promote thought leadership and research.

(1) The main focus of the club is the establishment of a sustainability network. Through this network contacts between alumnae and alumnus are established and promoted. Furthermore, the network serves as the basis for possible cooperations and partnerships at a entrepreneurial level.


(2) The club also serves to establish and secure the exchange with student sustainability associations at the HSG.


(3) The club is used for the exchange of ideas, the support of new insights and the promotion of innovative solutions in the field of sustainability.

(4) The aim is to strengthen the University's position in the area of ​​sustainability by promoting and furthering thought leadership, research and teaching. 

For this reason, we're organizing one main event per year, in addition to regular informal networking events as well as input-lunches, workshops, and company visits to name a few.

  • 2016-02-29-105354-DSCF0175-final-crop v2

    Martina Bühler

    Master of Arts in International Affairs

  • Kim Bauer

    Master of Arts in Business Management

    Intern Fundraising, Choba Choba Foundation

  • Martina Bühler

    Martina Bühler

    Master of Arts in International Affairs

    Sustainable Investment Analyst, Credit Suisse

  • Helena.png

    Helena Fierz

    Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration 

    Master Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Innovation and Green Office ESCP Europe

  • Alinebearbeitet.jpg
    Rafael Widmer

    Rafael Widmer

    Master of Arts in International Affairs & Governance, HSG & Sciences Po

    Leader ECOnnect, IWÖ HSG

  • Katja Rüegg

    Master of Arts in International Affairs & Governance

    Business Development Manager, UMEO

  • Selin Jost

    Selin Jost

    Master of Arts in Management, Organization Studies and Cultural Theory

    Corporate Sustainability & Responsible Investment, Julius Bär

Advisory Board
  • Thomas Dyllick

    Professor em. of Sustainability Management at University of St.Gallen

  • Capture.PNG

    Yvonne Suter

    Executive Director, Head of Corporate Sustainability and Responsible Investment, Julius Bär

HSG Alumni Sustainability Club

Dufourstrasse 90

9000 St. Gallen


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